I’m a Rebel Naturalista!!!

Source: afrobella.com

Lately, I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about natural hair “nazis” and I have to say, this natural hair thing is getting a little bit ridiculous. True, there are certain guidelines that one should follow if they want to have healthy hair but they are just that, GUIDELINES! For those of you not familiar with the term, natural hair “nazis” are determined to have people see things THEIR way and they are so bent on people following the “rules” that they practically shove their two cents down people’s throats.

We weren’t this strict when we were relaxed and the truth is we should’ve been because of all the damage we were doing to our hair. But now we are natural and as long as we are taking care of ourselves, our hair and we don’t have any health problems that may prove otherwise, our hair is healthy. The point is that there is no black and white rule book to growing and maintaining healthy natural hair but there are guidelines. Such as, regularly shampooing, deep conditioning, moisturizing, trimming and protecting our hair. When and how often you do these things depends on you. You have to know YOUR hair and deal with it according to that knowledge.

Take me for example. I’m a REBEL! I don’t do “wash days” or weekly regimens (anymore, lol), daily moisturization and I barely sleep with a satin scarf. Yeah, I give that advice because I know it works but at the same token, as mentioned above, you have to tailor it to your needs. Now, I know my hair. It’s resilient. It can take a lot and bounce right back. So I know what I can and cannot do. And I’m doing just fine as you will be able to see when I post my one year BC anniversary pics in September. The bottom line is, forget about the “nazis”, throw out the rule book, go back to the basics and find out what works for you. That’s my two cents. Take it or leave it.

Share your experiences with natural hair “nazis” in the comment section below.


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