My Hairstory & Update


 In July 2011 I started working at a natural hair salon. When I was offered the position I thought to myself, “If it works out I might transition back to natural.” But before we get into that let’s start with a little hairstory.

As some of you may know, when I first started my hair journey I was natural. It wasn’t a revolutionary sort of thing at all. It all started when I was pregnant with my now 2yr old. I was too exhausted to do anything with my hair so I wore wigs and weaves most of the time. Long story short, by the time I was ready to deal with my own hair it was mostly natural so I cut off the relaxed ends and voila! I was completely natural. That was in February 2010. By June 2010 I wanted to wear my hair straight more than anything else and I personally couldn’t achieve the look I wanted being natural so I decided to relax. I really enjoyed being relaxed. I took really good care of my hair and it was growing in very nicely. But by the summer of 2011 it was time for another change, which brings me to one of the reasons I BC’ed.


As I mentioned above, I started working at a natural hair care salon in July of 2011 and I all but decided that I was going to transition if it worked out. And it did work out at that time so June 16, 2011 was the day of my last relaxer. I made up my mind that I would transition for at least one full year. My transition was going very smoothly when, in September 2011, I started to get that itch to be fully natural. And if you are transitioning or have transitioned, you know exactly what I mean. So, to speed up the process, I did a mini BC on September 10, 2011. I went from almost APL to neck length and I loved it! My cut was amazing and it looked awesome but I still had that “itch”.


The next day I had an assembly to go to. Everyone there loved my new cut but couldn’t understand why I cut it. They had all seen the progress that I made as far as growth is concerned so they were puzzled. The truth is they haven’t seen anything yet. On the drive home, I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair. I kept imagining what I would look like with no hair. I kept saying to my husband, “I’m cutting it off when we get home”. He’s like, “Yeah right”. Soon after we got home I went into my bathroom, grabbed a pair of scissors and went to town! He walked in and could not believe what he was seeing. He was shocked. So was I. But I didn’t regret it. I felt good but self-conscience. I mean, I’ve had short hair before but never short natural hair. I ran out and bought a wig and wore it for the first few months. Except at work. At work I felt more at ease.  Eventually I got the courage to wear my hair out and now I LOVE wearing it out and styling it.


I am no longer working at that salon but I don’t regret BC’ing. Someone asked me if I regret it and I said no because I fell in love with my natural hair. I’ve learned so much about caring, styling and embracing my natural hair and I have no intention on going back to relaxers. Not now anyway. But anyone who knows me will tell you that you can never be sure what I’ll do with my hair from one day to the next. I’m very unpredictable that way and I like it like that. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out what happens next. Check out the video below for more pictures of my journey and a length check update! Thanks for reading!


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